Eco House
What comes to your mind when you hear "Eco House"? The image of a fairy shack  or a modern high-tech design?
Both can be labelled"Eco home"  but do they stand up to scrutiny?
Often the construction of ultramodern buildings, called Eco only for the sake of using alternative energy sources (solar batteries, windmills, mini hydroelectric power stations) costs the planet much more . Felling of trees, fuel transportation costs,water wastage, production of "eco" matrials, etc.
When we talk about the ecological compatibility of housing, we must first of all keep in mind the ecological character of our consciousness and thinking. There us much to consider ..... consumption of heating and electricity, water and gas, the rejection of plastic,  - the house will be eco if its owner first  thinks of all aspects , both of daily life and long term impact. Everything  is possible with  a little creativity and patience.
By paying attention to the terrain, and  how to optimally use the resource of your land and natural conditions on it, thinking through production issues, the logistics of transporting materials, their  quantity and source - everything can make a difference. 
An Eco House does not mean reverting to living in a wigwam, rather,its it's a house where everything is calculated with minimal waste and maximum recycling of resources for the planet.